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Personal training is one of my passions and I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients get there results, growing their confidence and pushing them to reach their goals. With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry and the insights from training hundreds of clients you can be safe and reassured that I have the experience and ability that you won't find in many personal trainers.

I'm a health professional with a long standing career in fitness industry and not like many other personal trainers I have worked for the NHS in health promotion for 5 years gaining experience in teaching health education to young people. I specialise in weight loss and weight management, using fitness and nutrition to help people live healthier lives. I do not believe in short term fixes and I believe in making small changes to your lifestyle that are realistic and can be maintained so that people can achieve their goals one step at a time. I don't believe in diets I believe in a lifestyle.

Using my experience as a personal trainer and a health promotion specialist while working with the NHS, I developed a school education program that delivers sessions to young people that make a difference. We specialise in PSHE sessions focusing on all aspects of health from sexual health, wellbeing and mental health. We believe that educating young people on lifestyle choices at an early age that will bring about a healthier longer life.

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β€œTo deliver effective health education that matters, empowering people to make a well informed lifestyle choice.”

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