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Getting started:–

Mayfit personal training sessions are a unique experience, our clients are getting brilliant results and changing the way they view their health. We help our clients focus on their goals and give them confidence to achieve them helping them every step of the way. We offer a free consultation that will consist of an in-depth evaluation of what you want to achieve, we will discuss your diet and different types of training so we can plan the best way to achieve your goals. We take measurements so we can track your progress and map out exactly where you want to see improvements. Each training session is based on one hour of physical training giving you the most effective full body workout. We make sessions fun and interesting and we will motivate and push you to success.

The training:–

Mayfit specialises in creating a healthy lifestyle with specific training methods and nutrition advice to suit your goals. We bring all the equipment to you so you can get maximum results from work outs whether they are in your home outdoors, private studio or gym.
We can help you -

  • Lose weight & Tone up
  • Improve strength and flexibilty
  • Train for specific events - marathon training, fun runs or obstacle runs
  • Improve your fitness and endurance
  • Build lean muscle mass

Most importantly to show you how to enjoy exercise and change your lifestyle so that you are feeling more confident, looking great and putting your health first.


We aim to give a well rounded understanding of how the food you eat effects your body. We only give upto date accurate advice the foods you should eat and when.
Getting nutrition right is not easy but with advice and support we work together to make it work for you. We don't believe in making unrealistic changes you can't keep.
Unlike many others we won't tell you what you can't eat, instead we aim to educate you so you can make informed choices on your food and drinks. Mayfit fully understands that results come from hard work, dedication and discipline and diet is the easiest area to fall down on.

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Our Mission:–

“To deliver effective health education that matters, empowering people to make a well informed lifestyle choice.”

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