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Weight Management:-

So many people are struggling with their weight and are constantly trying new diets that in the long term just don't work. It's so hard to keep the up the motivation with the strict eating regimes.
We are all told to eat a balanced diet but doing this and maintaining a healthy weight is no easy task!

On our weight management program we aim to give clear facts on nutrition and take a different approach to eating healthy.
We believe in a balanced diet but also recognise that many of us have the balance wrong.

We aim to educate people on what types of foods are the right types for your body and look at the reasons why we have such a hard time loosing and maintaining a healthy weight.

We don't believe in diets or quick fixes and we pride ourselves on helping people live longer healthier lives.

With this in mind we have developed a 12 week weight management program designed to help people change their lifestyle and learn the fundamentals of eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Each week consists of weigh in, a short nutrition education session or group discussion covering different topics such as the truth about carbohydrates and is fat bad? then a 45minute tailored exercise class.

Corporate & Community Settings :-

If you are interested in running a weight management course for your workforce or for your community please get in touch to find how we can tailor the program to suit your needs.

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Our Mission:–

β€œTo deliver effective health education that matters, empowering people to make a well informed lifestyle choice.”

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